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Why Yazzoopa.com

Our merchants are growing and are also creating jobs. We especially desire to see the creation of smart jobs, creating an ecosystem, for young people. We have a huge population in the region and the more jobs we can create that are technology driven, the better opportunities which will be created in the future. The young people will be leaders in their own domains, creating their own platforms and their own business down the road. This is the kind of mission that excites us and a great motivator for Yazzoopa in the years we have been operational.” Adams Mumuni CEO Why Yazzoopa.com We are as seasoned and experienced as a typical established corporate, but as nimble and entrepreneurial as a start-up. Thus, combine the best of both worlds. At Yazzoopa.com, you know that you play a significant role on enchanting customers and empowering businesses, that you are on the cutting edge of innovation in an ever growing and exciting industry, and that you're part of something great. We are strong believers in employee-employer partnership and cultivating a culture that promotes skill training, leadership development, and personal transformation. We drive this through a strong work ethic and a deep commitment to our core values, namely: If you're looking for a career opportunity where you will be challenged, where your contribution will be acknowledged and rewarded, where you will develop lasting relationships; and where you will learn and grow, and build a thriving business, look no further! Be part of something great... JOIN OUR TEAM